Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now Showing in the Gallery

The Lightning Field
Acrylic on Fiberglass and Cardboard - 48" x 34"
Preston Orr
Guide, Painter
Savannah, GA

The River
Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas - 18" x 24"
Julie A. Roberts
Paddler, Painter
South Carolina

As a child in New England, I received an oil paint set for Christmas. From then on I painted and carried a sketchbook wherever I went. I felt confident I wanted to be a fashion designer or work in advertising. When I came to South Carolina in 1982, I had an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and worked briefly in advertising and as a free-lance technical illustrator. From my artistic standpoint, I found each field too restricting and finite. In 1998, I received a mathematics degree and as a profession I teach mathematics.

My husband and I currently reside in Upstate South Carolina but our connected souls reside in the coastal regions of the south east. This is where we love to kayak and paddleboard in the marshlands and tidal waterways.
I am inspired by the tangible environment, the movement of the environment and the colors I observe. I have never been truly and completely inspired by another artist. I paint to talk. I paint to laugh. I paint to be silent. I paint to remember. I paint to forget. I paint so I don’t forget. When I paint, I am an artist. When I paint, I am achieving who I really am.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matthew Cooper

Cosmic Articulations
March - April
Opening-Sat March 19th

"i feel the articulations through my fingers when I play guitar. i look into them with eyes inward when they synergize with my thoughts... and then physical art is born... and its doesn't matter if anyone else sees my art, because the ideas are planted as seeds into the collective."

As a graduate of Industrial Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, an Eagle Scout, camp counselor, whitewater kayaker, touring bicyclist, musician, performing artist, sculptor, spiritual journeyman, and all around artist, Matthew Cooper is on a life path of creative unfolding that is bound to impact the swelling tide of consciousness.

Through physical arts, he has chosen to synthesize natural form with modern techniques. The inspiration for such art is drawn through human experience, dreaming, communion with nature, and the ever-growing moment of “Ah-Hah!”

When Matthew has had his fill of warm Atlantic surf, he plans on riding the “Bike-Car” of his design across the country with a group of young and boisterously alive friends. After attending the World Naked Bike Ride Festival and Burning Man Festival, Matthew intends on stopping off in Oregon to study with Cape Falcon Kayak, building skin-on-frame kayaks. One can assume that Matthew will be kayaking the wild rivers and chilly Oregon waves, a lot. But that is only the immediate future for Matthew.

It is certain that wherever Matthew goes, he will spread his imagination and energy, while continuing to grow into full artistic bloom. "